I’m an avid WOW junkie!  I love playing WOW on many of my characters, but priest is what I excel at.  I decided to start writing a blog b/c there’s just not many UP-TO-DATE blogs for raid healing priests.


I’ve played WOW for 5 years now.  4 of those years on my priest.  During BC, I took a break from the priest & raided as a Warlock.  As much fun as my lock was, I still found myself watching the health of raiders & wondering why heals weren’t taking place.  So, I went back to my priest for WOTLK.

Like any good player, I researched the new specs & talents.  Took time to choose what I thought would be best for me & went with it.  Then, as I raided more in Naxx, OS & EOE, I tweaked my spec to fit my style of play.

When Ulduar came out, the way priests thought how healing worked had to change.  The new encounters, new talents & spells all made me reanalyze how I played my priest & what I could do to be better by far.  I played around with talents and spells until I found a spec that suits me and the needs of my raid.


I’m a High School Math Teacher (yes! it’s true).  I am in my mid-twenties, so this blog is a rather mature/adult look at the game.  I love math!  I just don’t love it in the game.  When I play, I play for the fun of the game – the content, the look, the people.  I hate throwing tons of numbers around like I’m a genius – cuz, lets face it, I’m not!  But I can and will utilize my mathy skills to break down the #s others throw out there in easy fun terms like: GET THIS, or DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME.  I love theorycrafting; however, I’m not a number punching, pocket-protector wearing, big thick black eye glasses get up GEEK.  I know what the numbers mean, but that doesn’t mean I like throwing numbers around.

Also note:  I am a MATH teacher.  Thus, my English skills, although decent, are not grand.  I will have grammatical issues / spelling mistakes / run-on sentences / poor punctuation in this blog.  DEAL WITH IT! (PS: run-on sentence! ha!)

My Character

I play both Holy and Disc.  I love Disc, but I’m stronger Holy.  Both trees have their needs in the raids and can easily fit in raid or tank healing either spec (despite what some say).  With dual talent spec, I have the opportunity to play both when I choose!

Raiding has granted me the opportunity to try out my questions about certain talents and spells.  I do read what I can about healing priests and how to improve myself as a player.  I research top guilds & look at their priests’ talent, gear, gem/enchant choices to compare/contrast benefits of them vs. me.  I also consult with other smart priests on my server about testing certain aspects of my character.


My goals for this blog is to keep an up to date record of anything priestly.  I want to hopefully have others’ ideas help mold and shape this site as well to find the best possible priest character.


On the right-hand side, you should see different categories for you to select.  If you are a holy priest or disc priest, there are categories for both.  The “New Info” tab has anything to do with new theorycrafting, items/gear, etc for priests.

Enjoy the site!